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Rich snippets and semantic seo with GoodRelations

Cooperating with Professor Martin Hepp, creator of GoodRelations - the leading Semantic Web ontology for e-commerce, MakoLab has developed an extension for the popular e-commerce solution PrestaShop.

During the initial weeks of availability, it was downloaded over 1300 times. Over 550 shops around the world use it for SEO activities (positioning in search engines) with the support of semantic technology.

PrestaShop is Europe’s most popular open-source e-commerce solution for creation of online stores. The application was the first e-commerce product to obtain the Open Source Award, and is used by over 100.000 shops around the world. The GoodRelations module enables to add semantic tags to particular products in an online store. Owing to this, search engines such as Google (which officially supports the GoodRelations ontology) can download and present up-to-date information concerning prices, availability and other data specified as “rich data” already on the level of search results. This improves an offer’s visibility and enhances its positioning, thus significantly influencing the CTR reached by applications in search results. At the same time your store becomes more accessible for browser extensions and mobile applications. GoodRelations, one of the most popular ontologies for e-commerce solutions, was created by Professor Martin Hepp, with whom MakoLab closely cooperated while implementing the solution. The GoodRelations module is fully accepted and validated by the creators of PrestaShop and can be downloaded on the sites of

Attention: After installing the module, it takes from 2 to 8 weeks for Google to display Rich Snippets on its pages.